Why would I use a Pepper filter?

You can use Ondemand geofilters for just about anything! They can be used for weddings, birthdays, baby showers, bachelor / bachelorette parties, holidays.. Or for more unique events like wishing your friend luck on a test at school or asking your crush out on a date. We want you to find unique ways to surprise people with our filters! It feels just as good to give a surprise as it does to get one!

How do I use my Pepper filter?

Use your filter by swiping right after taking a photo or video on Snapchat during the time you set the filter to be active. Anyone can use the filter if they are snapping from within the 30,000 square foot circle around the location you enter during checkout.

Which countries are custom geofilters available in?

Currently Snapchat only allows us to run filters in the United States, Canada, Australia, Brazil and the United Kingdom.

How much does a Pepper Geofilter cost?

You can download your Geofilter design for $4.99. If you want us to help you submit it to Snapchat, we've got you covered. Just choose the "Submission Service" Add-on and we'll take care of getting your filter live. This option includes 30'000 square foot coverage and the filter will be live for 6 hours. This is perfect for house parties, bars, small/parts of event venues.

How do I submit my Geofilter to Snapchat?

Once you've downloaded your Geofilter design from us, you can head over to Snapchat to submit your filter. The filters start at $5. Usually, that allows you to run your filter for about 6 hours covering 30'000 square feet, but prices vary based on location. Once submitted, you should hear back from Snapchat within 24 hours about the status of your filter. Once approved, sit back, relax and enjoy your filter!

Can I use hashtags in my filter?

No. I know, I wish I could too. Snapchat doesn't allow that unfortunately. Read their guidelines for other restrictions: Geofilter Guidelines

What if my filter doesn’t get approved?

All of our filters have been pre-tested and approved by Snapchat. If for some reason your customized filter gets rejected, we will help you re-submit or simply refund your purchase! No worries :)

How do I edit the text in the filter?

Edit text by double clicking the editable text fields. If you double click and the text box doesn’t open then that text is locked.

How do I add my own text?

To add text click on the elements tab in the sidebar on the left. Then click the “Add text” button, it’s located above all the elements. The new text will drop into the canvas where you can customize what it says, the size, color, and font type.

How do I change the font?

To change the font, select the text element and then click the “A” button in the toolbar located to the left of the canvas.

How do I delete text from my design?

To delete text – click on the text element within the canvas and then hit the delete button on your keyboard, or click the garbage can in the toolbar.

How do I add my own elements or a logo?

To add your own elements or a logo – click on the elements tab in the sidebar on the left. Then click the “Upload your own” button and select the element from a saved folder on your computer. The file must be saved in .PNG format. Once your element is loaded you can adjust the size and position.

How do I change the size and position of an element?

To change the size of an element – click on the element inside the canvas. Then grab a Corner and drag to select the size you want. To change the position, click and drag the element until you find the perfect spot for it!

How do I delete an element?

To delete an element – click on the element within the canvas and then hit the delete button on your keyboard, or click the garbage can in the toolbar.