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How to make Facebook Frames Using Pepper Filters' Facebook Frame Maker

Exciting news... Facebook now offers custom graphic overlays in their Camera app called 'Frames’. Frames are Facebook’s take on Snapchat’s Geofilters. We have been providing customizable Geofilter templates to Snapchat users since they became available in 2016, and now we are thrilled to offer customizable elements to Facebook users as well!

You can create Facebook Frames for Weddings, birthdays, business, sports teams, or anything else you want to promote. Right now they are only available in the U.K. , Columbia, Mexico, Taiwan, and Ireland but we are hoping they will be available to the US in the next few months.

Frames are a little different from Geofilters in that you upload individual .PNG files to Facebook’s editor to create the design versus uploading a completed design file as you would to Snapchat.

To make a Frame using Pepper Filters just select the 'Facebook Frame Maker’ button on our homepage - you’ll be taken to the editor where you can start creating based off of our Frame themes and templates - we have themes for all different types of events!

You can customize the text and add elements until you create the perfect frame for your event. Once you’re happy with the design click the 'Get your frame’ button in the top right corner.

Individual PNG files
Our editor saves each customized element of your Frame as an individual file in the perfect format (following Facebook’s submission guidelines). You then download the files and upload to Facebook’s editor and arrange them in the same orientation.

We hope this helped introduce you to the world of Facebook Frames and you feel inspired to create your own using our Pepper Filters editor!

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