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How To Make A Snapchat Location Filter

Snapchat Location Filter

Make any event extra special with customized Snapchat geofilters for every occasion. Learn how to make a Snapchat location filter easily and affordably in just minutes with Pepperfilters! No matter the occasion, Pepperfilters has you covered for the best geofilter templates, graphics and text out there.

Start creating your filter using our easy to use web-editor!

How to make a location filter on Snapchat

It seems difficult but with Pepperfilters it is so simple. Log onto Pepperfilters’ website and start browsing the thousands of possibilities of template, text and graphic combinations instantly. Once complete, simply establish a location range using the easy to adjust GPS map that you want your geofilter to appear in. You pay for the range you want so adjust the space to your budget and your event

Here’s How to make a location filter on Snapchat:

When you log onto Pepperfilters, you will be presented with templates from which you can choose to use immediately (this is probably the easiest and certainly the quickest way to get your geofilter up and running) or you can use the templates as inspiration.

Whether you are using a template or creating a totally new Snapchat location filter, you will be presented with a preview of the finished result every step of the way. To the right of your filter options you will see an interactive Smartphone screen that allows you to manipulate and add things to your filter with the touch of a button. Change the color or size of your text, drag it higher or lower on the screen and layer graphics all previewed and adjusted in real time.

You can even add shadows, layer and outline text to customize the look of every word.

After you have the text, graphics allow you to customize and make the filter even more fun and unique. Add emoji style graphics such as hand motions, faces and even classic emojis like the salsa dancing girl or the alien head. Or browse the food, nature and random graphics for virtually any image you can dream of.

Graphics also include embellishments or designs to filters that make it even more exciting and unique. If you can’t find the graphic you’re looking for right away, use the search database to search hundreds of thousands of images in one place.

Finally, once you have your completed geofilter, move on to setting a location for the filter to be available in. Click on Get Your Filter, where you will be taken to the final steps of creating your geofilter.

Here you will either download the filter as is or choose to select a time and location for the filter, giving all the guests of your event with a Snapchat account exclusive access to the filter.

This is a new feature and one of the most exciting of Pepperfilters. With this option you can not only create a fun geofilter for your own use but for the use of everyone at your event. Set the date that you want your geofilter to be in use plus how long you want it to be active. Choose exactly when the geofilter starts its use and how long you want it to be in use for, with the options:
- 2 hours
- 6 hours
- 12 hours
- 24 hours
- 48 hours

Next, location. Set the radius of location that your geofilter will encompass. A good rule of thumb is to locate the where the event will be located (The wedding reception’s church? The restaurant for the birthday party? The entire Las Vegas strip? and then adjust the size of the radius that you want your guests to be able to use the geofilter in.

It’s that easy, just type in a location to the GPS locator and zoom in or out to adjust.

Learn How To Make A Snapchat Location Filter

With Pepperfilters, learning how to make a Snapchat location filter is not only easy but fun too!

There are endless reasons and possibilities for you Pepperfilter geofilter. Some of our favorites include:

Add “learn how to make a Snapchat location filter” to your pre-party, pre-wedding or pre-holidays checklist and get started creating the geofilter that your friends will be talking about long after the snaps expire. Pepperfilter geofilters are fun, easy and, best of all, affordable. Create a geofilter for exactly where your guests can enjoy it.

Choose from templates, cool texts and launch your filter using our editor.

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