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7 Best Times To Create A Personalized Snapchat Filter

Personalized Snapchat Filte

Create a personalized Snapchat filter with Pepperfilter to make your event even more special! Birthdays, weddings, graduation parties, you name it, Pepperfilter can help make your event even more unique! With an easy to use platform, preview capability to easily view and edit the changes you make and a price everyone can afford, there is no reason not to head over to Pepperfilter and try it for yourself today.

What to expect from Pepperfilter: options, customization and ease of use. When can you expect these things from Pepperfilter? Take a look at 7 of the best times to create and download a Pepperfilter geofilter:

1. Birthday Snapchat Filters

Birthday celebrations are some of the best excuses to use create a Pepperfilter; create birthday snapchat filters as part of the party prep for your own day or give one a gift to someone hosting a birthday bash!

Whether it’s going to be low-key, like a quiet dinner with the girls or a boy’s night playing poker or your birthday diva opts for an entire weekend away, a geofilter can add some fun to the event.

With graphics that include birthday cakes, fireworks and crowns, you can’t go wrong. Pepperfilter graphics, text and even templates are arranged by theme and have specific birthday sections to make designing your filter easy.

2. Theme Parties

Theme parties are a great excuse for Pepperfilter, creating yet another element of the party that is in theme! With hundreds of thousands of graphics at your disposal to use (think: an emoji keyboard times ten) the possibilities to create a filter for your theme is endless.

Particularly if you went to university in America, you are no stranger to theme parties. Everything from color themes to 20’s era, cowboys to outer space are common on college campuses. That doesn’t mean it’s the only place for theme parties; themes add an element of fun to any party and give it an extra chance for guests to be creative.

Whatever your theme, choose a low-cost Pepperfilter geofilters to the event to make the event even more memorable and dressing in theme more fun.

A great example of a theme is the outer space theme. Adorn your geofilter with rocket ship, alien and planet graphics. There are space-age fonts to fit the theme with the option to outline and add a shadow for an extra pop.

3. Holiday Season Parties

No matter what religion you practice, or even if you don’t, holiday parties are something everyone looks forward to as it nears the end of the year. Christmas parties, Chanukah parties and Kwanzaa parties are typically some of the most common holiday parties.

Create a geofilter for your holiday party adorned with the following:
- Snow / snowmen
- Stars! (the Star of David or a holiday star ornament)
- Wrapped gifts
- Christmas trees
- Candles
- Holiday foods and more

A great holiday party is not complete without a fun holiday filter.

4. Any Other Holidays

Throwing a Halloween, Saint Patrick’s Day or Fourth of July party? Any of the hundreds of thousands of graphics will help you create a geofilter with the holiday’s most recognizable elements.

In case you needed another reason to use the ghost emoji, Halloween is right around the corner! Or decorate your filter with shamrocks and pints of beer for a true Irish celebration this March.

5. Weddings

Weddings are some of the best events to create a geofilter for. Wedding filters are some of the most commonly created filters out there. Pepperfilters offer so many design options for wedding guests; it is not uncommon to see two wedding filters per wedding! With tons of delicate, flowy cursive text and graphics like wedding cakes, fireworks and champagne glasses, its no wonder they’re so popular.

Create a filter with a congratulations message to the bride and groom and the date of their wedding or have your wedding planner create one for you, as part of the wedding preparations.

6. Graduation/Celebration Events

Graduation, retirement or even congratulations events are another good excuse to create your own Pepperfilter. Commemorate a celebratory event with a Pepperfilter geofilter that let’s you take photos with the date permanently imprinted on the image (just don’t forget to save your snap to memories before you send it out!).

Pepperfilter has tons of banners in which you can put text along with graphics to help remember the occasion; use graduation hats, diploma images or bottles of champagne to remember forever what you were celebrating.

7. Baby Showers

Expecting a baby and want to make the occasion one to remember for years to come? Create a geofilter with the due date of the baby or have guests post their own snaps with guesses to the babies gender!

Save the snaps and show them to your child when they’re old enough to appreciate the moments that their loved ones gathered to celebrate their life. Baby toys, bottles and baby emojis make it easy to create a unique filter.

Creating Personal Snapchat Filters Has Never Been Easier

Personal Snapchat filters are the most fun, affordable and unique way to make any event even more interesting. It is as easy as playing with templates, graphics and text on an easy to view ‘preview’ Smartphone screen on Pepperfilters’ website. Every change you make is adjusted immediately on the preview; change font size, positioning, color, style and more and see the changes before you purchase and download your filter.

Once you have the filter you want, simply set a date and time that you want your filter to become available. Make it available for as little as 2 hours or as long as 2 days. Then set a location using the easy to adjust GPS map, zooming in or out according to your budget and event size.

Finally, purchase your personalized Snapchat filter and go! It’s that easy and affordable too. While these are 7 of the most common reasons people use Pepperfilters, there are endless possibilities and events suitable for a Pepperfilter.

Can’t think of a special occasion coming up? You don’t have to. Create a filter for happy hour with the girls or poker night with the boys. When it’s fun, creative and unique and there’s no need to have an occasion; make any average day special with the Pepperfilter.

Browse all of the themes, graphics and text options or download a premade template from Pepperfilters today!

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