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How To Make A Birthday Filter On Snapchat

How To Make A Birthday Filter On Snapchat

Do you have a birthday coming up and want it to be extra special this year? Maybe it’s a big milestone (21? 30??) or maybe you just want everyone to make a big deal for once! Or, maybe, you can’t figure out what to get the birthday boy / girl that has everything. With Pepperfilters learn how to make a birthday filter on Snapchat for yourself or a friend. It’s easy, it’s unique and best of all, its affordable.

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Why Do You Need A Geofilter Anyway?

Giving the right gift is not always easy. On the one hand, you might not know exactly what the birthday boy or girl wants and on the other hand, they may already have what you finally settle on or not have any use for it.

A geofilter, a Snapchat filter that only appears in a certain location, adorning images with fun embellishments, is a great gift because it is a unique and practical gift, allowing pictures from the night to forever hold the birthday message on them (just don’t forget to save your snaps before you send them!). A geofilter shows you care in a way something gift-wrapped cannot.

Speaking of gift-wrap…there is none, when you give a Snapchat geofilter as a gift. Simply show up, start snapping and let your customized gift from the heart send your birthday message for you!

If the celebration is for you, adding a geofilter to your list of to-dos before the day will make it that much more unique and fun. In fact, it will likely be the easiest and most fun item on your pre-party to-do list. What a fun way to get the night started than by sending your whole squad a Snap of you, ready to go, with your geofilter plastered across it.

Snapchat Birthday Filter Ideas

Requirements for the best birthdays are simple: friends and family must be there and you must be doing exactly what you want. Once you have those details ironed out, creating a Snapchat birthday filter to fit the event is easy.

With that in mind, planning a birthday is easy! What do you love to do? What do you love to eat? Who do you love to share it with? Answer those questions and you’ll have the perfect birthday celebration planned.

Take, for example, you love to swim or spend time in the sun, you love casual food shared with friends and you don’t need a big fuss over your birthday. You just might be a perfect proponent for a backyard barbeque pool-party or a day spent at the beach for your birthday celebration. Tell your friends to each bring a dish or a bag of snacks, stock a cooler full of beers and head to the beach or the nearest backyard pool for a day in the sun.

Choose from beautiful templates, cool texts, stickers and launch your filter using our easy-to-use editor!

For your geofilter, opt for something as casual and fun as the day; decorate your filter with a quirky “happy birthday” banner and waves or a sun. Or throw your name in there along with a funky title like “Sara’s Birthday Beach Bash”.

Maybe you’d prefer a more structured night out for your big day. Plan a nice dinner and drinks before the club or book a concert or game for all your friends. If that’s that is more your speed, your geofilter can match the glamour with your name in Broadway style lights, in elegant gold cursive or in a Las Vegas style sign. Add strings of lights or fireworks, anything that says tonight is about ME.

Other ideas:
- Food obsessed? Plan a food tour around your city; spell your name in food across your filter
- Love sports? Make a filter that reflects how much you love your favorite team or use language to fit the theme - “Jason goes 3 and 0 with home field advantage”.
- Plan a theme for your party and make a filter to reflect that; this doesn’t just apply to birthday’s but is a great way to encourage friends to dress up and Snap often

Anything you plan, you can make a Snapchat geofilter that will more than stack up!

Pepperfilter Creates The Best “Happy Birthday Snapchat Geofilter”

Once you use Pepperfilter to design your own Happy Birthday Snapchat geofilter, you’ll be wondering how you ever hosted a party without one.

Pepperfilters are easy to create. Simply log onto the site and start browsing templates and themes for inspiration. For birthday events, there are birthday theme sections of their own. Look at example templates or go directly into birthday graphics and text and start experimenting on your own.

The preview function lets you see each change you make on a sample Smartphone screen; no surprises after you download your geofilter!

Input text with your birthday message and adjust the position and size of the message, modify the font and change the color with the click of a button. You can even add shadows, outlines or multiple fonts to your filter.

Adjust any graphics similarly; on the preview screen, adjust the size and position of graphics and delete or add new images with a few clicks.

If you don’t want to create your own filter, templates have been created for people that don’t have the time or the desire to create geofilter from scratch. Simply click on a template, change any font to your own name and birthday and you’re done!

Once you are satisfied with your filter, determine when you want it to be available. Select the day of your birthday or birthday party and the times that will make the most sense for it to be in use. You can determine the exact time that the filter is active and the duration of time you want it to be in use (as little as two hours or as long as two days, for those birthday parties that are actually a whole weekend).

Finally, use the GPS map to determine where the filter will appear in Snapchat users accounts. Type in an address and adjust the radius around which the filter will take up. And with that, your very own Snapchat geofilter for your birthday celebration is ready to be used.

Learning how to make a birthday filter on Snapchat doesn’t have to be impossible or even difficult and with Pepperfilters at your disposal, it can even be affordable. Put “make custom geofilter” on your next birthday party (or any party) to-do list and watch as guests are amazed.

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